simple moments, captured beautifully


My Background


The Photography bug bit me way back in high school...hard. I've always had an appreciation for the little moments in life, but as I've grown to know and understand people, I'm inspired by the in between moments that make our lives so unique.  The times where we choose to be a little bit different than everyone else. I've since dedicated my life to capturing these particular moments of greatness and wonder. 

The Forever Moments


I call them forever moments, but they're the memories that you consistently go back to in your mind time and time again. Sometimes you can feel them forming. Sometimes, they completely sneak up on you. But you always feel it while it's happening. It's a look, a change in scenery, or a mood shift and then, bang, magic! 

Looking Ahead


Through my photography, I try to capture as many of these forever moments as possible, with the utmost thought and care. I'd be happy to do the same for you. Head over to my Booking Tab to schedule a shoot. Or, Contact me to discuss any jobs outside of these parameters.

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